What’s a Product?


What’s a Product

“There are no mature markets, only immature minds” – Philip Kotler

Product is something we all buy. Physical products like cars, machines etc. Then there are non-physical products like software, health services, financial services etc. Every company produces these products – physical or non-physical and organisations are identified by the products that they sell. Until now.

Just consider the products that the following companies offer – Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Uber or Airbnb. Facebook or twitter do not own or produce any of the products (i.e. the content) that you read or see on them. Uber does not own any cars that you ride in nor does AriBnb own any places where you go and stay. Amazon which handles 6 crore products on its site does not design, manufacture, own or service any of those 6 crore physical products listed there.

It is time to redefine the product as a concept in this new era of ‘marketplace and sharing economy’. What then is the definition of product in the new era?

Product in the marketplace and sharing economy is all that surrounds the physical or the non-physical product that is bought by customers from these marketers. It is bringing in experiences and choices meshing with tools and service that the customer eventually experiences. To put it mathematically, the product purchased by the customer is 100 units, 50 units are the physical or non-physical product and the balance 50 units are value additions embellished by the marketer.

Zappos.com is a site dedicated to sell footwear, clothing, accessories, housewares, beauty products and more. Nothing great or different about it. They were the products that we available for sale on the site. Is that their product? Zappos asked itself this question, “we should concentrate on what we sell or on how it is sold?” By focusing how they sell, Zappos created a new product. A product called superior customer care and service. You can buy shoes anywhere, but to “experience a new way of buying shoes” come to Zappos. The differential experience is the product that Zappos created.

Technology is another tool used as a layer to create a differential product without offering anything different. Taxi cabs were booked for decades but Uber made cab booking easy with an app and advantageous pricing and convenience. Amazon brought in discounts, doorstep delivery, buy anytime facility and more to the same old products. AriBnB added choice to travel enthusiasts by connecting hosts with guests.

New product idea is to both broadcast and narrow cast at the same time. Offer a wide gamut of choices in a narrow area of interest. E.g. if you go to a furniture store you can see a small range (depending upon the physical size) of the outlet. You will be shown an old worn out catalogue with grainy images to select from. Switch to a furniture marketplace. You get full range of furniture products (broadcast) with wide range of sofas (narrow cast).

Redefining product is the lynchpin of the strategy at SabRentKaro. At SabRentKaro we are putting together the best in technology with human interface to meets customer choices that are continuously evolving. We believe we cannot build the future based on past but only with future as a drawing board. As a marketplace we are limited by the physical products available in some spaces but have a great leverage in other areas. Curate, create and communicate are the three 3C’s we follow in SabrRentKaro to meet the needs of a new breed of customers. Technology has given the edge to us to create new products to cater to the unexpressed needs of customers. New products create new customers and we are creating and serving them every day.

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Car maintenance tips in monsoon



Car Seva during monsoon

Car is the most comfortable and convenient mode of transport during monsoons. To help your car reach you home safe and dry, you need to ensure that your car is monsoon ready. Here are a few must do’s to ensure you and your car are safe in the rains:
Get your car serviced: Many defer car servicing to a period after monsoon as they wish to wash away the dirt and mud of rains at the end of the season. However your car needs to brave the season for which you need to get the car in the right shape. Book your appointment today!
Wipers: Your windscreen wipers are one of the most important parts of your car during monsoon. Remember you have not used them for the past many months. Clean them gently, check for wear and tear of the rubber, if need be change them. They cost very less but the price you pay for bad wipers might be high.
Tyres: The most critical thing that is keeping you safe are the tyres. Hydroplaning (skidding) and aquaplaning (losing contact with the rained out road) are the two common problems faced during monsoon. Right tyre pressure, cleaning of dirt and mud from the tyres are a must. Perform the one rupee coin test to judge your tyres yourself.
One rupee coin test: take a one rupee coin and insert into the tread of your tyre. Note how deep the coin goes in to the tyre. Repeat for all tyres. If the depth is equal for all tyres good. Or else get the tyres checked or changed.
Brakes: You know how important this part is. When the car wades through water, water wets the brake drums reducing braking efficiency. Get your cars brake calipers which should be regularly cleaned or if needed be replaced. Drying your car brakes after wading through water is also very important. Press the brake with your left foot as you gently throttle in with your right foot. This will dry your brakes of water and make them more efficient.
Interiors: Mud is a variant that is certainly not part of your cars interiors. Clean any dirt or mud or oil slicks immediately from your with a dry cloth. Keep an eye on the floor carpet as it will take the maximum dirt. Cover and clean to keep it in good shape and look. If water has entered the car, empty the water, leave the windows and doors open to dry and avoid fungus.
Electricals: Modern cars are full of electrical and electronic gadgets. Water is not their friends. Get the battery checked and also all the electrical especially lights to ensure safe journey on a rainy dark night.
Other essentials: Keep these in your car without fail. Car charger, umbrella, hammer, dry wiping cloth and a medical kit. If you are stuck in the car, please use the hammer to break open your front windshield or windows to exit the car in case of an emergency. Keep an eye on the fuel gauge lest you get stranded on the road for want of fuel.
These are some of the tips to ensure you have a safe and dry rides in your car during this monsoon. If you wish to add or share any more tips to help others, please do. We will ensure the tips are spread to everyone.

Important: Share these tips with as many friends and relatives as you can. Safety first.

Rent a car on a rainy day? Click here or call 1800 3000 7368 or write to info@sabrentkaro.com

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Time = Money = Rent


Time = Money = Rent


I will share a story with you. A real one. It’s a commercial one.

A friend called on a Thursday morning sounding hassled. He got a contract to set-up a 30 seat call centre on a turnkey basis. He needed to put together everything – air conditioners, laptops, desks, chairs, IVR system, server, coffee vending machine etc.

Before I could congratulate him on landing the deal, he burst out his problem. The call centre needs to be up and running by Monday in days including Saturday and Sunday! All the vendors he checked, gave a minimum delivery time of 2 weeks which they believed was very fast and tight one. What to do asked my exasperated friend?

We are programmed as individuals to look at the obvious solution – buy. It is an irony that corporates, however big or rich are looking to reduce or cut costs. There are sometimes situations wherein to complete a job, extra (unwarranted) costs as in the case of my friend who was willing pay a higher price for his list as he had to execute the job.

Renting is both an attractive and reliable option for all corporate needs. Leasing land or building is a common practice among corporates while the same is not the case with other paraphernalia in the office. At SabRentKaro we have successfully packaged and delivered simple and cost effective solutions for small offices and start-ups. Using our experience and needs as a start-up we curated packages that will evolve and grow as the start-up grows in size and stature. By including maintenance and customer support we’ve made the entire exercise easy, convenient and cost effective.

Precious capital deployed in depreciating assets can now be deployed for other productive purposes whereas the ‘working needs’ are met through rental route. Imagine buying a laptop every time a new employee joins the organization; don’t buy rent it. Corporates do enjoy tax benefits when they rent products for office purposes as tax deductible expenses. How sweeter the deal can get? Yes, it can.

The most important benefit of renting is the turn-around-time or TAT as it is popularly known as in corporate lingo. Renters maintain an inventory of products and also can source from various providers to meet the need of the corporate. Typically the procurement team releases an RFP, vendors submit quotes and after finalization the vendor will initiate the process of procurement and delivery. Paper work, follow-up, delays etc are standard operating problems! On SabRentKaro.com you can see the product, options, quantity available, rental value, delivery time and even book the same online. A complete digital audit trail. Need further information, pick up the phone and call to clarify and close.

That brings me back to the call from my friend. Yes, SabRentKaro helped him get hi call centre up and running though not by Monday.

But a day before!


Raj S

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How to care for your furniture during monsoons


How to care for your furniture during monsoons

The long awaited monsoon is finally here. While that’s great news for all of us, it might not be equally great news for your furniture, walls and carpets i.e. if do not give the required care. Here are a few useful tips to maintain your furniture during the rains.

Wooden furniture tends to get effected with the rains.  To ensure you retain the beauty of your wooden delights, follow these simple steps:

  1. Move away from doors and windows. This simple steps saves a lot of wear and tear of your furniture. Drops of rain will harm your furniture as moisture makes your furniture to swell. Move the furniture into the house away from the rain drops. Keeping the house dry to ensure low humidity adds life to your furniture.
  2. Keep your furniture few inches away from the walls to prevent any moisture from getting transferred from walls to furniture. It is also easy to clean!
  3. Don’t use a wet cloth to clean the furniture. For the same reason as above, wet cloth will transfer moisture to the furniture. Instead use a dry cloth to clean the furniture of any dust.
  4. Drawers and doors get stuck during monsoon as the wooden furniture absorbs moisture and swells. Oiling and waxing will ensure that your furniture’s drawers and doors are smooth and easy to use. Spray-on-wax is a very useful item to do this maintenance.
  5. Postpone any new painting or renovation work on your furniture during monsoon as the high moisture in the air will not facilitate the right output. Instead stick to plain maintenance.
  6. Use camphor or naphthalene or cloves in furniture compartments as they are brilliant absorbers of moisture and keep termites away.

Carpets tend to get very dirty during monsoon. If you can, please roll up your expensive rug and store in a dry place. Fungus and mold grows on heavy carpets. Suggest you replace with a coir or similar mats. It will give a different look to your home and also save your carpet from humidity related problems. Regular vacuuming will ensure that your carpets are clean and dry. Use expert carpet cleaning services to ensure a long and beautiful life for your wonderful Persian or Kashmiri rugs.

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Clicks and Bricks



Clicks & Bricks

Your friendly neighborhood mom & pop aka kirana store is giving way to the hyper delivery app, good old tailor has been stitched out of his job by readymadewala, and malls are emptying out into the cyberworld…

People check in the shop and buy online -showrooming it’s called. Online aggregators complain of the ROBO effect – Research Online, Buy Offline. Cyberworld has taken the world by storm. E-commerce has changed the way we perceive and do business or in fact live our life. Bricks are slowly losing ground to clicks. Or is it?

Wait. Bricks have a great future. Renting is and has the potential to bring life to bricks (did they go away anytime?) in a different way. With value addition.

Renting oriented marketplace portals have built an interface for the customer to select the product of his choice to be delivered by the…place built with bricks. Only difference is that the store front has changed. Now the store front is the mobile, monitor or the tablet screen. Everything else is the same. Clicks connect with the customers and bricks deliver the goods. Renting is a perfect ecosystem in which clicks and bricks co-exist.

Why it is unique or different for renting? Because the goods have to be local in renting unlike in buying in traditional e-commerce, where the product can be shipped from anywhere to anyone in any place. In renting the physical product needs to return to the owner and hence it has to be local. Shops as we define in traditional trade mean differently in renting space. A typical shop in renting includes place to store goods and also a place to maintain the goods.

Renting has breathed in new life to the bricks and mortar space and created a new breed of entrepreneurs. At SabRentKaro while we reinvent the whole rental experience, we have successfully bridged the increasing divide between the vendors and the customer due to the online nature of shopping, by technologically enabling the brick and mortar shops, giving them online presence and e-commerce capability. Suddenly, the so called “extinguishing” brick and mortar renting shops started getting the strength to face the online market.

We have also come across entrepreneurs who have created a new line of business for themselves or their second generation with the sole purpose of servicing the rental space in the market. They have successfully integrated the technology platform provided by SabRentKaro with their traditional know-how of managing inventory, maintenance and logistics. Pre-sales and sales have been left to the ‘clicks’ and the remaining steps are being successfully managed by ‘bricks’.

E-commerce giants have bigger stakes in the bricks than in clicks space. For every click on the site, multiple steps need to be executed at the bricks team to complete the transaction. What the outside world sees the glamorous clicks interface while the real delivery is handled by the bricks and mortar world.

Renting is the new avenue in to the clicks world for the bricks and mortar players. The story has just begun.

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Creating the Fourth R

Creating the fourth R


With the lure of offers, hitherto conservative and cautious Indian customers are indulging in mindless consumerism. Just take air conditioners for example. In most parts of India, air conditioner is used by many homes for 2 to 3 months. To meet this short term need a long term purchase is made. What is the solution?

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the 3 R’s everyone is promoting for an ideal and environmentally better world. It’s time to add another R- Renting. Going back to the above example of air conditioner the solution is simple – rent an air conditioner for 3 months. Renting saves on cost, meets your need and helps reduce the need to continuously make and buy new products.

Welcome to the sharing economy! Sharing economy is the new buzz not just because it is new but because there is a value for the customer. Any idea becomes a commercially acceptable when it is tied-in with real financial benefits to the end user. If convenience, in terms of using the service, is added the product enters the option set of the customers. Options drive customers’ choice and the circle is complete.

Hiring a taxi is decades old way of travelling from point-to-point in cities and between the cities. Taxi hailing apps changed the game by connecting the user with the provider through an interface through technology. The key is not to reinvent the wheel but the way the wheel is made to rotate. New is not something that was not there before but also in the way we can do things. What is new is news, what’s news is the talk of the town!

At SabRentKaro we created a platform to do things in a new way. Renting of homes and cars is an established habit. We are pushing the idea forward to extend it to other products. Renting is a smart alternative to buying is the core idea we are sharing with customers. What’s been the response? Phenomenal. From corporates to individuals we were surprised with the response. Customers from different strata of life are now opting to rent products. From luxury bikes to air conditioners to furniture, the idea to rent has caught the imagination of the public. Renting the customer has realized is a smart choice.

What are our learnings? Technology is the interface but the final factor (frontier?) is the customer service. Not just because the idea of renting is new, but the nature of renting is different. While in online purchase the transaction comes to close once the product is delivered, in case of renting begins when the product is delivered. What’s the crucial difference between online shopping and renting?

Relationship management. As the product needs to be meet the needs of the customer and also needs to come back at the end of the rental period, we need to maintain a relationship with the customer which can last 3 to 6 months. Invest in product maintenance, customer service and product range to meet the needs and win the hearts of customers.

Renting is a solution to mindless consumerism gripping our society. Renting makes the customers life better and also the world a better place.



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Let’s honor the strongest force of our lives – The Woman

Let’s take a moment on International Women’s Day– just one moment – to remember the women in our lives. Their struggle, their compromise, and their love for us has shaped us into who we are. Could we ever be thankful enough?

Being a woman back then

Look back and you’ll notice how blotched our history is. With women being objectified and said to be “fit only for the kitchen,” it hurts to even imagine a society like that. Women had no choice but to depend on their seemingly “better” half for everything. Every life event depended on the father first and the husband later. If there was a problem (financial or otherwise), the woman had to take the brunt and live with it. Under no circumstance was a woman allowed to have dreams.

Being a woman now

Look around your workplace. Look around any workplace – school, startups, MNCs, restaurants, architecture, et cetera – you’ll find strong women working hard. Women are now eye to eye with men and it is such a pleasure to see the societal acceptance. Women are encouraged to stand on their own feet now and attain financial independence. It doesn’t matter how well-settled the husband is, just about every woman wants to step out and take on the world. This, while taking care of the family! There are many who are working remotely (from home) as well. In other words, doing whatever they can to gain that independence!

This is such a welcoming change in our society. Even housewives are taking charge and leading the family from the front, be it financially or otherwise. Financial independence is amazingly refreshing and we all love that, don’t we? Women, today, hold some of the most challenging professional positions. From KiranMajumdar Shaw (CMD, Biocon Ltd.) to ChandaKochhar (MD and CEO, ICICI Bank) to ArunaJayanthi (CEO, Capgemini India), we are seeing more and more names at top positions.

At SabRentKaro, we are proud to be a part of this change. We have helped many women achieve the much talked about “empowerment”. Through the simple process of renting items that are sparsely used at home, women are not just able to make decisions but also earn hassle-free money while focusing on their daily chores.

To woman empowerment and gender equality – to women!

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How to have a fancy wedding on a budget by renting things


Who doesn’t dream of having a beautiful wedding? One that stays in everyone’s mind for a long time. Remember when you were a child, you imagined yourself having the most perfect fairy-tale wedding and grew up only to realize that it costs too much? Want to have a wedding that looks luxurious without spending a fortune? We have a handful of tips for you to do just that.

Read on:

  • If you don’t want to spend a king’s ransom on the décor, choose a venue that has an interesting character of its own. Instead of having a run of the mill function hall for a venue, choose an art gallery, a zoo, a waterfall, or a historical site.
  • Choose a specific theme or motif and use it through the entire event. Make sure the invitations, programs, favors, and even escort cards carry the same design. It not only looks stylish but also high end.
  • Play with colors. Use pastels with deeply contrasting rich hues. Colours like deep purple, rich chocolate and hot pink will add nattiness without you having to spend green.
  • Don’t include a million dishes in the menu and have the buffet table filled with heaps of food. Instead choose to have dainty and delectable hors d’oeuvres served by tuxedo clad butlers followed by a few yet scrumptious meal options. You will save on money and up the style quotient by more than a few notches.
  • Have the chef make unique food presentations. It’s not always about what you serve but how you serve. If you want to go the extra mile, rent items such as expensive china, ceramic spoons, and attractive seasoning holders and put them to good use.
  • Lighting makes all the difference. A few bright and beautiful lights that accentuate the focal point of the venue will change the whole feel of the setting. You can even use a high end contemporary chandelier as a key element and work with the surrounding lights to match the feel. We know a high end chandelier is worth a fortune. The idea is not to buy it, but rent it. Online rentals are totally in now and to rent things has become easier than ever.
  • Don’t ruin a whole ‘fab wedding’ look with ugly plastic or metal chairs. Look for furniture rentals up online and choose white suede or satin upholstered ones. If you want your guests to remember you for forever, you want to seat them comfortably.
  • Wrought iron trees look snazzy at wedding venues. Get a large one and then rent items such as glittering ornaments, hanging votives, picture frames and running lights and hang them all for a super chic backdrop to a perfect wedding.
  • Fresh flowers for table centrepieces could get pricey. Choose romantic candelabras instead and drape them in faux crystals. You can even use coloured river pebbles in glass bowls with led lights to make it look opulent. Remember to rent anything you don’t already have.
  • Metallic items look expensive but cost pretty much the same as its counterparts. Champagne shades for linens, gold sequinned tassels on curtains, and gold boxes for wedding favours will spell luxe without costing it.
  • Instead of hiring a whole band you can have one or two music artists such as a pianist and a guitarist and have them play soothing music. Better still, rent a bunch of good speakers and DJ equipment and have your ‘cousin who loves music’ do the needful.
  • Don’t spend silly money on a full-fledged open bar. Instead choose to offer your guests a signature cocktail that complements the wedding colours.
  • Lastly, you don’t need an elaborate wedding cake (turns out very pricey) to make a statement. You can instead have the baker to decorate your cake with fresh flowers that match your décor and go less on the sugar paste.

There you go! In an age where you can employ rental services for just about anything, hosting lavish parties on a budget has become a reality.

Go have the wedding of your dreams without feeling the lightness in your pocket.

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Use toy rentals to pick the best for your child without spending much!



Toys play an integral role in the physical and mental development of your child. They give entertainment, hours of joy, visual stimulation, and act as tools for a myriad of kiddy things.

With a million different toys up for sale, toy stores have become the worst place to buy toys. This is mainly because they are filled with battery operated toys with cartridges and styluses.

Ergo, the toys are more becoming babysitting tools than educational investments. Ideally the toy should stimulate little minds rather than feeding them with information.

If you have a little bun popping out of you oven soon and wondering what kind of toys will be most appropriate for him, we have a guide for you.

Read on:

  • Toys impact your child’s ability to learn in a classroom, make sense of conflicting thoughts, and understand complexities. Make sure the toys that you give him stimulate his curiosity and make him come up with questions rather than spoon feeding him ‘educational’ toys that ask him a series of questions.
  • Focus on what the child can do with the toy rather than what the toy can do. For example, toys such as building blocks are perfect for constructive play. They help develop a child’s shoulder, arm, and core trunk muscles along with developing their attention skills. They are challenging and so they instigate curiosity and help the child understand the forces of gravity and structural integrity alongside fun play.
  • Stained one-inch cubes are also great for helping a child lost in play to develop efficient handwriting skills by using his thumb and index finger.
  • Don’t look for toys that perform the most advanced activities. Instead, look for ones that have just the right amount of challenge for kids. If you aren’t too sure about how challenging a particular toy will be for your little one, use online rentals to rent items that are age appropriate. You can choose which ones to buy according to what your child takes to the most.
  • You can also look at some of the recent wonderful building toys that encourage experimentation and social enquiry. Children develop joint interaction skills when they engage with parents and friends to play with these kind of toys. Geometrical building toys are especially better than others because they teach the children, symmetry sense, proportion and pattern recognition through play. Rent items such as ones with glow in the dark pieces, wheels, propellers or lights to see what simulates your little one’s mind the most. Rentals will help you decide what’s best without spending silly money.
  • Have a kaliedograph! Yes, get one. This wonderful geometry toy is a collection of die cut color cards that reflect the natural geometry of crystals and flowers.
  • Mainstream toys such as K’nex and Lego are also great to teach children about robotics and structure making. Exploring science and maths through toys is the best kind of learning.

There you go! Use online rentals to experiment with different toys and choose the best. Make sure your child is taking something from the toy in terms of learning every time he plays. All the best!

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Make the best of rental services to up your photography game





Photography has caught the many a fancies especially in this age with almost every other person claiming to possess good photography skills. Learning the craft isn’t easy and those who think they are proficient, hardly are.

If you are a budding photographer too, we have a few tips for you that will greatly up your game and prevent rookie mistakes.

  • Almost every good digital camera has the histogram feature. Learning how to use this feature will not take you more than 10 minutes but it will make a huge difference in the pictures you produce. Histogram is must use especially when shooting landscapes in low light to make sure your pictures are gathering enough light for a good capture.
  • The lighting for any capture changes dramatically when you try to get the flash off the camera. Directional light throws shadows on the subject and highlights its natural curvatures in a pleasing way. How will you do that? Get a flash trigger. If you don’t own it you can rent it on SabRentKaro (an online rental portal). Place it on the hook of your DSLR and attach the flash receiver to the bottom of the flash. When you find out the difference it makes, you will never want to go back to your old style.
  • Always use a single focus point (need not be the centre like most think). Focus on the eye of the subject and then recompose the picture while holding the shutter half way down. After the correct composition is achieved completely press the shutter. Allowing the camera to choose several focus points ruins the appeal of your picture.
  • When shooting a group photo, use a shallow depth of the field and focus on the person who is the closest to the camera (write that down). If you focus on someone who is standing one or two rows back, your pictures will appear much more blurry than the former.
  • A lot of good photographers recommend you use a high end tripod. Cheap ones are a money waste because they not only serve you well but break own quite easily making you buy them repeatedly. Instead buy the right one. If you don’t have the mint right now, rent it. A lot of online rental businesses have the best in camera equipment up for rent.
  • Always buy a decent flash with your new camera. If you aren’t convinced about using it yet, rent one and instead of pointing it to the model, point it to the ceiling or the sidewall just so the light bounces back on the model. This will result in significantly softer and a more flattering light.
  • Don’t keep buying more photography gear till you hit the wall with what you already have. It does make a difference to your pictures when you use sharper lens, but it’s pointless to spend a king’s ransom on a dozen different lens before mastering the art of using them correctly. It makes perfect sense though, to rent the lens instead and use the saved up money to buy absolute essentials such as lighting set up, reflectors, close focus filters and some studio equipment.

Photography is a beautiful hobby because it helps us look at things with different perspectives, capture precious memories for eternity and create unique art work. Doesn’t matter if you are a lousy amateur. With online rentals becoming more popular than ever, you can just about rent anything! Pick a great camera and get clicking. You can buy expensive camera equipment one you are sure about them.

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