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Clicks & Bricks

Your friendly neighborhood mom & pop aka kirana store is giving way to the hyper delivery app, good old tailor has been stitched out of his job by readymadewala, and malls are emptying out into the cyberworld…

People check in the shop and buy online -showrooming it’s called. Online aggregators complain of the ROBO effect – Research Online, Buy Offline. Cyberworld has taken the world by storm. E-commerce has changed the way we perceive and do business or in fact live our life. Bricks are slowly losing ground to clicks. Or is it?

Wait. Bricks have a great future. Renting is and has the potential to bring life to bricks (did they go away anytime?) in a different way. With value addition.

Renting oriented marketplace portals have built an interface for the customer to select the product of his choice to be delivered by the…place built with bricks. Only difference is that the store front has changed. Now the store front is the mobile, monitor or the tablet screen. Everything else is the same. Clicks connect with the customers and bricks deliver the goods. Renting is a perfect ecosystem in which clicks and bricks co-exist.

Why it is unique or different for renting? Because the goods have to be local in renting unlike in buying in traditional e-commerce, where the product can be shipped from anywhere to anyone in any place. In renting the physical product needs to return to the owner and hence it has to be local. Shops as we define in traditional trade mean differently in renting space. A typical shop in renting includes place to store goods and also a place to maintain the goods.

Renting has breathed in new life to the bricks and mortar space and created a new breed of entrepreneurs. At SabRentKaro while we reinvent the whole rental experience, we have successfully bridged the increasing divide between the vendors and the customer due to the online nature of shopping, by technologically enabling the brick and mortar shops, giving them online presence and e-commerce capability. Suddenly, the so called “extinguishing” brick and mortar renting shops started getting the strength to face the online market.

We have also come across entrepreneurs who have created a new line of business for themselves or their second generation with the sole purpose of servicing the rental space in the market. They have successfully integrated the technology platform provided by SabRentKaro with their traditional know-how of managing inventory, maintenance and logistics. Pre-sales and sales have been left to the ‘clicks’ and the remaining steps are being successfully managed by ‘bricks’.

E-commerce giants have bigger stakes in the bricks than in clicks space. For every click on the site, multiple steps need to be executed at the bricks team to complete the transaction. What the outside world sees the glamorous clicks interface while the real delivery is handled by the bricks and mortar world.

Renting is the new avenue in to the clicks world for the bricks and mortar players. The story has just begun.

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