How to care for your furniture during monsoons


How to care for your furniture during monsoons

The long awaited monsoon is finally here. While that’s great news for all of us, it might not be equally great news for your furniture, walls and carpets i.e. if do not give the required care. Here are a few useful tips to maintain your furniture during the rains.

Wooden furniture tends to get effected with the rains.  To ensure you retain the beauty of your wooden delights, follow these simple steps:

  1. Move away from doors and windows. This simple steps saves a lot of wear and tear of your furniture. Drops of rain will harm your furniture as moisture makes your furniture to swell. Move the furniture into the house away from the rain drops. Keeping the house dry to ensure low humidity adds life to your furniture.
  2. Keep your furniture few inches away from the walls to prevent any moisture from getting transferred from walls to furniture. It is also easy to clean!
  3. Don’t use a wet cloth to clean the furniture. For the same reason as above, wet cloth will transfer moisture to the furniture. Instead use a dry cloth to clean the furniture of any dust.
  4. Drawers and doors get stuck during monsoon as the wooden furniture absorbs moisture and swells. Oiling and waxing will ensure that your furniture’s drawers and doors are smooth and easy to use. Spray-on-wax is a very useful item to do this maintenance.
  5. Postpone any new painting or renovation work on your furniture during monsoon as the high moisture in the air will not facilitate the right output. Instead stick to plain maintenance.
  6. Use camphor or naphthalene or cloves in furniture compartments as they are brilliant absorbers of moisture and keep termites away.

Carpets tend to get very dirty during monsoon. If you can, please roll up your expensive rug and store in a dry place. Fungus and mold grows on heavy carpets. Suggest you replace with a coir or similar mats. It will give a different look to your home and also save your carpet from humidity related problems. Regular vacuuming will ensure that your carpets are clean and dry. Use expert carpet cleaning services to ensure a long and beautiful life for your wonderful Persian or Kashmiri rugs.

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