Car maintenance tips in monsoon



Car Seva during monsoon

Car is the most comfortable and convenient mode of transport during monsoons. To help your car reach you home safe and dry, you need to ensure that your car is monsoon ready. Here are a few must do’s to ensure you and your car are safe in the rains:
Get your car serviced: Many defer car servicing to a period after monsoon as they wish to wash away the dirt and mud of rains at the end of the season. However your car needs to brave the season for which you need to get the car in the right shape. Book your appointment today!
Wipers: Your windscreen wipers are one of the most important parts of your car during monsoon. Remember you have not used them for the past many months. Clean them gently, check for wear and tear of the rubber, if need be change them. They cost very less but the price you pay for bad wipers might be high.
Tyres: The most critical thing that is keeping you safe are the tyres. Hydroplaning (skidding) and aquaplaning (losing contact with the rained out road) are the two common problems faced during monsoon. Right tyre pressure, cleaning of dirt and mud from the tyres are a must. Perform the one rupee coin test to judge your tyres yourself.
One rupee coin test: take a one rupee coin and insert into the tread of your tyre. Note how deep the coin goes in to the tyre. Repeat for all tyres. If the depth is equal for all tyres good. Or else get the tyres checked or changed.
Brakes: You know how important this part is. When the car wades through water, water wets the brake drums reducing braking efficiency. Get your cars brake calipers which should be regularly cleaned or if needed be replaced. Drying your car brakes after wading through water is also very important. Press the brake with your left foot as you gently throttle in with your right foot. This will dry your brakes of water and make them more efficient.
Interiors: Mud is a variant that is certainly not part of your cars interiors. Clean any dirt or mud or oil slicks immediately from your with a dry cloth. Keep an eye on the floor carpet as it will take the maximum dirt. Cover and clean to keep it in good shape and look. If water has entered the car, empty the water, leave the windows and doors open to dry and avoid fungus.
Electricals: Modern cars are full of electrical and electronic gadgets. Water is not their friends. Get the battery checked and also all the electrical especially lights to ensure safe journey on a rainy dark night.
Other essentials: Keep these in your car without fail. Car charger, umbrella, hammer, dry wiping cloth and a medical kit. If you are stuck in the car, please use the hammer to break open your front windshield or windows to exit the car in case of an emergency. Keep an eye on the fuel gauge lest you get stranded on the road for want of fuel.
These are some of the tips to ensure you have a safe and dry rides in your car during this monsoon. If you wish to add or share any more tips to help others, please do. We will ensure the tips are spread to everyone.

Important: Share these tips with as many friends and relatives as you can. Safety first.

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