How to have a fancy wedding on a budget by renting things


Who doesn’t dream of having a beautiful wedding? One that stays in everyone’s mind for a long time. Remember when you were a child, you imagined yourself having the most perfect fairy-tale wedding and grew up only to realize that it costs too much? Want to have a wedding that looks luxurious without spending a fortune? We have a handful of tips for you to do just that.

Read on:

  • If you don’t want to spend a king’s ransom on the décor, choose a venue that has an interesting character of its own. Instead of having a run of the mill function hall for a venue, choose an art gallery, a zoo, a waterfall, or a historical site.
  • Choose a specific theme or motif and use it through the entire event. Make sure the invitations, programs, favors, and even escort cards carry the same design. It not only looks stylish but also high end.
  • Play with colors. Use pastels with deeply contrasting rich hues. Colours like deep purple, rich chocolate and hot pink will add nattiness without you having to spend green.
  • Don’t include a million dishes in the menu and have the buffet table filled with heaps of food. Instead choose to have dainty and delectable hors d’oeuvres served by tuxedo clad butlers followed by a few yet scrumptious meal options. You will save on money and up the style quotient by more than a few notches.
  • Have the chef make unique food presentations. It’s not always about what you serve but how you serve. If you want to go the extra mile, rent items such as expensive china, ceramic spoons, and attractive seasoning holders and put them to good use.
  • Lighting makes all the difference. A few bright and beautiful lights that accentuate the focal point of the venue will change the whole feel of the setting. You can even use a high end contemporary chandelier as a key element and work with the surrounding lights to match the feel. We know a high end chandelier is worth a fortune. The idea is not to buy it, but rent it. Online rentals are totally in now and to rent things has become easier than ever.
  • Don’t ruin a whole ‘fab wedding’ look with ugly plastic or metal chairs. Look for furniture rentals up online and choose white suede or satin upholstered ones. If you want your guests to remember you for forever, you want to seat them comfortably.
  • Wrought iron trees look snazzy at wedding venues. Get a large one and then rent items such as glittering ornaments, hanging votives, picture frames and running lights and hang them all for a super chic backdrop to a perfect wedding.
  • Fresh flowers for table centrepieces could get pricey. Choose romantic candelabras instead and drape them in faux crystals. You can even use coloured river pebbles in glass bowls with led lights to make it look opulent. Remember to rent anything you don’t already have.
  • Metallic items look expensive but cost pretty much the same as its counterparts. Champagne shades for linens, gold sequinned tassels on curtains, and gold boxes for wedding favours will spell luxe without costing it.
  • Instead of hiring a whole band you can have one or two music artists such as a pianist and a guitarist and have them play soothing music. Better still, rent a bunch of good speakers and DJ equipment and have your ‘cousin who loves music’ do the needful.
  • Don’t spend silly money on a full-fledged open bar. Instead choose to offer your guests a signature cocktail that complements the wedding colours.
  • Lastly, you don’t need an elaborate wedding cake (turns out very pricey) to make a statement. You can instead have the baker to decorate your cake with fresh flowers that match your décor and go less on the sugar paste.

There you go! In an age where you can employ rental services for just about anything, hosting lavish parties on a budget has become a reality.

Go have the wedding of your dreams without feeling the lightness in your pocket.

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