Let’s honor the strongest force of our lives – The Woman

Let’s take a moment on International Women’s Day– just one moment – to remember the women in our lives. Their struggle, their compromise, and their love for us has shaped us into who we are. Could we ever be thankful enough?

Being a woman back then

Look back and you’ll notice how blotched our history is. With women being objectified and said to be “fit only for the kitchen,” it hurts to even imagine a society like that. Women had no choice but to depend on their seemingly “better” half for everything. Every life event depended on the father first and the husband later. If there was a problem (financial or otherwise), the woman had to take the brunt and live with it. Under no circumstance was a woman allowed to have dreams.

Being a woman now

Look around your workplace. Look around any workplace – school, startups, MNCs, restaurants, architecture, et cetera – you’ll find strong women working hard. Women are now eye to eye with men and it is such a pleasure to see the societal acceptance. Women are encouraged to stand on their own feet now and attain financial independence. It doesn’t matter how well-settled the husband is, just about every woman wants to step out and take on the world. This, while taking care of the family! There are many who are working remotely (from home) as well. In other words, doing whatever they can to gain that independence!

This is such a welcoming change in our society. Even housewives are taking charge and leading the family from the front, be it financially or otherwise. Financial independence is amazingly refreshing and we all love that, don’t we? Women, today, hold some of the most challenging professional positions. From KiranMajumdar Shaw (CMD, Biocon Ltd.) to ChandaKochhar (MD and CEO, ICICI Bank) to ArunaJayanthi (CEO, Capgemini India), we are seeing more and more names at top positions.

At SabRentKaro, we are proud to be a part of this change. We have helped many women achieve the much talked about “empowerment”. Through the simple process of renting items that are sparsely used at home, women are not just able to make decisions but also earn hassle-free money while focusing on their daily chores.

To woman empowerment and gender equality – to women!

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