Make the best of rental services to up your photography game





Photography has caught the many a fancies especially in this age with almost every other person claiming to possess good photography skills. Learning the craft isn’t easy and those who think they are proficient, hardly are.

If you are a budding photographer too, we have a few tips for you that will greatly up your game and prevent rookie mistakes.

  • Almost every good digital camera has the histogram feature. Learning how to use this feature will not take you more than 10 minutes but it will make a huge difference in the pictures you produce. Histogram is must use especially when shooting landscapes in low light to make sure your pictures are gathering enough light for a good capture.
  • The lighting for any capture changes dramatically when you try to get the flash off the camera. Directional light throws shadows on the subject and highlights its natural curvatures in a pleasing way. How will you do that? Get a flash trigger. If you don’t own it you can rent it on SabRentKaro (an online rental portal). Place it on the hook of your DSLR and attach the flash receiver to the bottom of the flash. When you find out the difference it makes, you will never want to go back to your old style.
  • Always use a single focus point (need not be the centre like most think). Focus on the eye of the subject and then recompose the picture while holding the shutter half way down. After the correct composition is achieved completely press the shutter. Allowing the camera to choose several focus points ruins the appeal of your picture.
  • When shooting a group photo, use a shallow depth of the field and focus on the person who is the closest to the camera (write that down). If you focus on someone who is standing one or two rows back, your pictures will appear much more blurry than the former.
  • A lot of good photographers recommend you use a high end tripod. Cheap ones are a money waste because they not only serve you well but break own quite easily making you buy them repeatedly. Instead buy the right one. If you don’t have the mint right now, rent it. A lot of online rental businesses have the best in camera equipment up for rent.
  • Always buy a decent flash with your new camera. If you aren’t convinced about using it yet, rent one and instead of pointing it to the model, point it to the ceiling or the sidewall just so the light bounces back on the model. This will result in significantly softer and a more flattering light.
  • Don’t keep buying more photography gear till you hit the wall with what you already have. It does make a difference to your pictures when you use sharper lens, but it’s pointless to spend a king’s ransom on a dozen different lens before mastering the art of using them correctly. It makes perfect sense though, to rent the lens instead and use the saved up money to buy absolute essentials such as lighting set up, reflectors, close focus filters and some studio equipment.

Photography is a beautiful hobby because it helps us look at things with different perspectives, capture precious memories for eternity and create unique art work. Doesn’t matter if you are a lousy amateur. With online rentals becoming more popular than ever, you can just about rent anything! Pick a great camera and get clicking. You can buy expensive camera equipment one you are sure about them.

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