Time = Money = Rent


Time = Money = Rent


I will share a story with you. A real one. It’s a commercial one.

A friend called on a Thursday morning sounding hassled. He got a contract to set-up a 30 seat call centre on a turnkey basis. He needed to put together everything – air conditioners, laptops, desks, chairs, IVR system, server, coffee vending machine etc.

Before I could congratulate him on landing the deal, he burst out his problem. The call centre needs to be up and running by Monday in days including Saturday and Sunday! All the vendors he checked, gave a minimum delivery time of 2 weeks which they believed was very fast and tight one. What to do asked my exasperated friend?

We are programmed as individuals to look at the obvious solution – buy. It is an irony that corporates, however big or rich are looking to reduce or cut costs. There are sometimes situations wherein to complete a job, extra (unwarranted) costs as in the case of my friend who was willing pay a higher price for his list as he had to execute the job.

Renting is both an attractive and reliable option for all corporate needs. Leasing land or building is a common practice among corporates while the same is not the case with other paraphernalia in the office. At SabRentKaro we have successfully packaged and delivered simple and cost effective solutions for small offices and start-ups. Using our experience and needs as a start-up we curated packages that will evolve and grow as the start-up grows in size and stature. By including maintenance and customer support we’ve made the entire exercise easy, convenient and cost effective.

Precious capital deployed in depreciating assets can now be deployed for other productive purposes whereas the ‘working needs’ are met through rental route. Imagine buying a laptop every time a new employee joins the organization; don’t buy rent it. Corporates do enjoy tax benefits when they rent products for office purposes as tax deductible expenses. How sweeter the deal can get? Yes, it can.

The most important benefit of renting is the turn-around-time or TAT as it is popularly known as in corporate lingo. Renters maintain an inventory of products and also can source from various providers to meet the need of the corporate. Typically the procurement team releases an RFP, vendors submit quotes and after finalization the vendor will initiate the process of procurement and delivery. Paper work, follow-up, delays etc are standard operating problems! On SabRentKaro.com you can see the product, options, quantity available, rental value, delivery time and even book the same online. A complete digital audit trail. Need further information, pick up the phone and call to clarify and close.

That brings me back to the call from my friend. Yes, SabRentKaro helped him get hi call centre up and running though not by Monday.

But a day before!


Raj S

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