Use toy rentals to pick the best for your child without spending much!



Toys play an integral role in the physical and mental development of your child. They give entertainment, hours of joy, visual stimulation, and act as tools for a myriad of kiddy things.

With a million different toys up for sale, toy stores have become the worst place to buy toys. This is mainly because they are filled with battery operated toys with cartridges and styluses.

Ergo, the toys are more becoming babysitting tools than educational investments. Ideally the toy should stimulate little minds rather than feeding them with information.

If you have a little bun popping out of you oven soon and wondering what kind of toys will be most appropriate for him, we have a guide for you.

Read on:

  • Toys impact your child’s ability to learn in a classroom, make sense of conflicting thoughts, and understand complexities. Make sure the toys that you give him stimulate his curiosity and make him come up with questions rather than spoon feeding him ‘educational’ toys that ask him a series of questions.
  • Focus on what the child can do with the toy rather than what the toy can do. For example, toys such as building blocks are perfect for constructive play. They help develop a child’s shoulder, arm, and core trunk muscles along with developing their attention skills. They are challenging and so they instigate curiosity and help the child understand the forces of gravity and structural integrity alongside fun play.
  • Stained one-inch cubes are also great for helping a child lost in play to develop efficient handwriting skills by using his thumb and index finger.
  • Don’t look for toys that perform the most advanced activities. Instead, look for ones that have just the right amount of challenge for kids. If you aren’t too sure about how challenging a particular toy will be for your little one, use online rentals to rent items that are age appropriate. You can choose which ones to buy according to what your child takes to the most.
  • You can also look at some of the recent wonderful building toys that encourage experimentation and social enquiry. Children develop joint interaction skills when they engage with parents and friends to play with these kind of toys. Geometrical building toys are especially better than others because they teach the children, symmetry sense, proportion and pattern recognition through play. Rent items such as ones with glow in the dark pieces, wheels, propellers or lights to see what simulates your little one’s mind the most. Rentals will help you decide what’s best without spending silly money.
  • Have a kaliedograph! Yes, get one. This wonderful geometry toy is a collection of die cut color cards that reflect the natural geometry of crystals and flowers.
  • Mainstream toys such as K’nex and Lego are also great to teach children about robotics and structure making. Exploring science and maths through toys is the best kind of learning.

There you go! Use online rentals to experiment with different toys and choose the best. Make sure your child is taking something from the toy in terms of learning every time he plays. All the best!

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